Welcome to the farm!

The Farmers

Caleb Harper


Farmer of Farmers

Hildreth England

Program Coordinator

Farmer of Ops

Jake Rye

Electrical Engineer

Farmer of Electrons

Gordon Brander

Front End Developer

Farmer of Software

Tim Savas

Mechanical Engineer

Farmer of Boxes

Whitney Burke

Project Assistant

Farmer of Organization

Lauren Hitchings

Staff Writer

Farmer of Stories

Visiting Farmers

Eduardo Castello

Visiting Researcher

Farmer of Automation

Arielle Johnson

Visiting Researcher

Farmer of Flavor

Farm Crew

Douglas Chambers

Lead Backend Developer

Farmer of Data

Logan Martin

UI Developer

Farmer of Apps

Tinashe Chagwedera

UI Developer

Farmer of Pixels

Nikhil Punwaney

Web Developer

Farmer of Cryptography

Sophia Jaffe

Mechanical Engineer

Farmer of Water

Valentina Chamorro

Student Researcher

Farmer of Sensors

Danielle Kaidanow

School Program Coordinator

Farmer of Young Minds

Barry Parry


Farmer of Robotics

Cam Jones


Farmer of the Future

Friends of the Farm

Media Lab Advisors

Howard Shapiro
Research Affiliate, MIT Media Lab Open Agriculture Initiative
Chief Agronomist of Mars Candy Company

Kent Larson
Research Affiliate, MIT Media Lab Open Agriculture Initiative
Principal Investigator, MIT Media Lab Changing Places

Joi Ito
Director of MIT Media Lab
Mitchell Baker
Research Affiliate, MIT Media Lab Open Agriculture Initiative
Executive Chairwoman of the Mozilla Foundation and of Mozilla Corporation

Nicholas Negroponte
Co-Founder of MIT Media Lab
Terry Garcia
Research Affiliate, MIT Media Lab Open Agriculture Initiative;
Chief Science Officer of National Geographic

External Advisors

Chris Higgins
General Manager, Hort Americas
Dickson Despommier
Emeritus Professor of Microbiology and Public Health, Columbia University
Toyoki Kozai
Emeritus/Visiting Professor, Chiba University.
President, Plant Factory Association of Japan.

Media Lab Sponsors of OpenAg

Lee Kum Kee

Philanthropic Sponsors of OpenAg

General Mills
Marin Community Foundation
National Geographic

Material and Technology Donation made to OpenAg

Dosatron International
ILS Lighting
Indoor Harvest
JR Peters
Method 7
Mozilla Foundation
Seed Savers Exchange
Smithers Oasis


Cinvestav Guadalajara
Culinary Institute of America
Michigan State University


Boston Latin School
Charlestown High School
Cooking with Science
Dearborn STEM Academy
Lincoln School
Shady Hill School K-8
Franklin D. Roosevelt K-8

Alumni Researchers

Tim Robertson
Camille Richwoman
Daniel Goodman

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